GWRJ Style Sheet

Purpose: To create a quick reference for editing articles and the whole GWRJ manuscript by compiling a document style sheet.


  • to learn how to create a style sheet for editing purposes
  • to save time in editing later on
  • to better edit for consistency across multiple documents in the same text
  • to compile styles local to GWRJ for later creation of a style guide for the GWRJ editors


Read the section “Document Style Sheet” starting on p. 188 of Technical Editing. Following the instructions the authors provide in that section on what to gather/record, create a running list of terms, etc., based on the GWRJ articles you’ve read so far (and skim the rest as part of this assignment). Format that list into a style sheet useful for your reference. Use Figure 8.3 in the book as an example, although yours does not have to look exactly like that.

Due: Wednesday, February 29, 2pm. Uploaded to Dropbox folder /assignment-turnin/style-sheets/ with the filename “stylesheet-YOURFIRSTNAME.doc”.