Monthly Archives: April 2012

Proofreading GWRJ

In Dropbox, use the GWRJ-information/first_proof/ PDF, which is this past Spring’s print version, as a reference for proofing the whole GWRJ manuscript.

In the same location, download the cover and fall2012 proof to proofread.

Use Annotation Tools in Preview or Adobe Acrobat to indicate where changes need to be made in the mss.

Watch for:

  • Repeating mistakes (and check for inconsistencies between; choose one that’s holistically correct according to style guide)
  • Cross-check titles with TOC & running headers — check EVERY element on the page, but also across all instances.
  • Check copyright notices
  • Formatting & style issues (does it match internal style guide; or external guides)

The KEY with this assignment is global/holistic checking. Do a passthrough, then go back and check front- and backmatter, then do another whole passthrough.

When you’re done, append your FIRST name onto the filenames and upload to dropbox/assignment-turnins/first-proofs





Making a Clean Copy

After you’ve exchanged the proofread hard-copies of your GWRJ articles:

  1. Use Track Changes to make the proofreading changes to the clean copy.
  2. Save the file as filename-YOURFIRSTNAME (e.g., Grayson2-clean-CHERYL.doc)
  3. Upload to Dropbox/assignment-turnins/stage5_copyedits
  4. Save a second, CLEAN copy of the proofread-changed version (with all your track changes removed — you won’t be uploading this one, but don’t save over your TC version in case something goes wrong with that one).
  5. Print out a clean copy of the chapter and write your name at the top and turn it in to me.