Proofreading assignment

Due: Wednesday, April 4, at the beginning of class
Turn-In: Bring your marked-up paper copy to class.


  1. Go into DropBox/GWRJ-information/articles_to_proofread. These are your classmates’ clean versions (as they uploaded them) of the Stage 3-4 edits.
  2. Choose an article by a DIFFERENT AUTHOR than the one you copy edited for Stages 1-4. (e.g., if you chose Phillips’ tattoo article for copy-editing, you CANNOT proofread any of the clean versions of Phillips’ tattoo article done by your classmates.)
  3. Print the article.
  4. Using the GWRJ style guide and your own style guide choices from your report assignment as style references, hand-mark any remaining changes to the text using the proofreading marks from Chapter 13.
  5. Mark your name in pencil/pen on the top-right of your marked-up copy.
  6. Another student will input your changes into the clean documents next week in class as part of an in-class assignment. (This prompts you to be assured, and neat, in your corrections.)