Stage 3/4 editing & author query

Due: Wednesday, March 21, by midnight
Upload: DropBox/assignment turn-ins/stage3-4_copyedits

  • “stage3-4edits_FIRSTNAME-tc” (for the Track Changed version)
  • “stage 3-4edits_FIRSTNAME-clean” (for the clean version)
  • “author-query_FIRSTNAME” (for your letter of transmittal to the author)

Take the same article you did Stage 1-2 edits on, and follow the Kairos 8-stage copy-editing model for Stages 3 and 4. That translates to editing for style (using the NEW Grassroots style sheet you made in class on Wed. March 7; see and proofreading that document. You should

  1. LEAVE the version that you turned in for the 1-2 edits in that folder (so I can check them separately; make a copy of it, if you need to),
  2. rename the file,
  3. clear/accept the stage 1-2 edits
  4. paper- and/or electronic-edit (the end version needs to be electronic and show Track Changes) for style
  5. save a COPY of the changed version as the clean version & remove/accept the changes
  6. write your letter of transmittal to the author
  7. upload BOTH versions and the letter to the dropbox folder

The versions you upload should be the “final” (best you can possibly do) version, ready for production.